Jubilee Road - Colour LP

Jubilee Road - Colour LP

Jubilee Road - Colour LP

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Jubilee Road is the third studio album from Tom Odell.

Packed with grandstanding melodies and scintillating performances, Jubilee Road intertwines real life stories of the time Tom spent living in a house in East London. Choosing to fictionalise the street to preserve his erstwhile neighbours privacy, the listener is drawn into the affecting real-life dramas that Odell paints. From the opener Jubilee Road’s scene-setting of the street’s colourful community and the whiskey-shaking gamblers in the local betting shop (Queen Of Diamonds), to the almost unbearably bittersweet celebration of Wedding Day.

Set for release on October 26th, 2018 the album is available in a number of limited edition formats exclusively on this store.

Limited edition green coloured vinyl release is only available to fans via his official store.

It is packaged in a gatefold sleeve and includes a 4 panel folder poster booklet containing never before seen images from Jubilee Road.

Inside packaging fans will find a code to access a download a digital copy of the album.

Release Date: 26th October 2018

  1. Jubilee Road
  2. If You Wanna Love Somebody 
  3. Son of an Only Child
  4. You’re Going To Break My Heart Tonight
  5. China Dolls
  6. Queen of Diamonds
  7. Half as Good as You (feat. Alice Merton)
  8. Go Tell Her Now
  9. Don’t Belong In Hollywood
  10. Wedding Day